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5 Ways to Incorporate Blue into Your Outdoor Space

Blue is a color that conveys wisdom and trust while also being categorized as a cool color on the color wheel. Homeowners can use blue to encourage a calm outdoor space while showing strength and wisdom. Consider these few well-placed blue items to give your outdoor space a new upgrade.

1. Add a Pop of Color

Blue is one of those colors that you can use a lot of without overpowering the look of your outdoor space. It is not uncommon to see a lot of blue in an area as all of the color tends to mix together, therefore creating the calming sense that blue brings. If you don’t want to commit to a total blue overhaul of your outdoor space, consider adding a blue pillow to a patio chair or a blue umbrella to cover a patio table this season to brighten up your outdoor living areas.

2. Include Blue Plants

There are many great options for blue shaded plants that add beauty to any outdoor space. Morning Glories and Delphiniums showcase their beautiful blue flowers that are sure to draw attention. Cornflowers would look great in a vase by the front door or on an outdoor table. The transforming and light hue of the Mariesii Lilacina Hydrangea is a great option for those homeowners who want a larger plant with blue accents.

If you want to really upgrade your landscaping with shades of blue, add an ornamental grass to add height and volume. Big bluestem is a great example and choice, known asthe star component of the prairieland grasses. Making it durable in more intense winter months so you’re landscaping can have blue all year round.

3. Don’t Underestimate Doors

If you already have a cool house color in a shade of gray, purple, or white, consider painting your front door a rich blue tone to captivate the eye. If your house color is yellow or red a blue front door can create a bold look by tying into the primary color scheme. Try a few testers of blue shades if you are worried about the overall look before committing to painting the entire door. Once you paint the front door, you will find that it makes your home unique as you end up describing your home as “the one with the blue door”.

4. Bold Blue Tiles

Are you needing a new outdoor side table? Maybe you have always admired the intense blue tiled accents on a neighbor’s porch? Many outdoor furniture pieces include tile as a sturdy component that can handle all types of weather. Think about purchasing that needed piece of furniture with a blue tiled top or choose a simpler option in hanging a favorite blue tile square on the side of the house to create depth and interest.

5. Add a Well-Placed Pot

Choosing a blue pot for an old or new plant is a great way to add a splash of color to any outdoor living space. Consider using a few different hues of blue like cobalt, teal, or aqua marine to liven up your space and draw attention to the eye. Giving some old pots a fresh look with some blue spray paint can be an easy way to add blue to your outdoor space without also breaking the bank.

There are many different ways to add blue to your outdoor space and doing so can promote peace and tranquility to anyone who enjoys your outdoor living areas. Try adding hints of blue to your established outdoor areas to create an inviting and calm atmosphere.

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